In Ubuntu, a default printing application (probably a meta application) is installed by default but when you will add a printer (not necessarily a Canon printer, same thing might happens with a HP printer )  – it may not be get detected by default, in that case you can install it manually, but make sure that you install the driver from right series.

Canon Pixma MP 240 and MP 287 – both are entry level printers for simple home use. It’s a decent All in One (print+scan+copy) printer for its price.


Installing Canon MP287 Driver in Ubuntu 12.04/11.10

I’ve tested the driver with Canon MP287 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (beta) and everything worked out well as expected except some scanning issue.

#1 Download The Debian (*.deb) Achive (MP 287)

#2 Extract the packge and install it by running the script (and of course you will have to follow some instructions, it’s dead simple – if you’re not sure about anything, go for the default value).

Open the terminal and execute the commands (first command is not required if you’ve already extracted but you must move on to the extracted directory)

tar -xzvf cnijfilter-mp280series-3.40-1-deb.tar.gz
cd cnijfilter-mp280*

The Process is almost same for Pixma MP 240. Download the  Debian Package (for MP 240) and follow the above instructions or you may be able to install .deb package using Software Center (but I’m not sure about that). You should install the package for scanning as well as printing (obviously).

Recommended Links

Sane Project -Scanner Access Now Easy, an API for making scanning/printing more easy on GNU/Linux.

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  1. Scanner Issues is right for MP287 in Ubuntu 12.04.  Printer is fine but even after downloading and installing canon scanner drivers scanner is not detected. Tried loading Sane backend but no luck. Anybody  able to get it to work?

    1. Same thing is happening with me.Printer is working.In my case scanner driver for MP287 is not going to be installed.Then I googled a lot and did not work at all.The default scan is also not detecting the scanner.How to make this work on Ubuntu 12.04??

  2. Hi, try to run scangearmp from root. If it works then its permission problem. you have to add your user into scanner/sane groups and restart the os.

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