Ubuntu 12.04 comes with Unity, by default, based on Gnome 3.*, new features in Unity interface such as HUD seems to be cool but many people still doesn’t like Unity. Gnome Shell Interface is another great option for them. Since, both the interfaces are built on the top of Gnome 3.* – they have no compatibility problem at all. So you can run Unity and Gnome together – just select your favorite desktop at the Ubuntu login panel.

Gnome Shell requires little bit of extra graphics capabilities – but if your computer doesn’t support Gnome Shell then it will automatically fall back to the classic version of Gnome shell (with no fancy effects). Classic version mimics the appearance of Gnome 2.* desktop. Anyway if you are so interested in classic version then you should checkout Cinnamon Desktop. Ubuntu 12.04 Beta2 was released with Gnome 3.3.9.


Installing Gnome Shell Desktop/Interface

Open a terminal and execute –

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gnome-shell

That’s All. Now you can start using Gnome Shell – just logout/restart and select Gnome at login panel (you don’t need to do that again – it will remember the last option).

Browsing applications in Gnome Shell interface –


Clean Gnome shell desktop –

Gnome Shell with Ubuntu 12.04

Note : Install Gnome Tweak Tool – a simple application that will help you in customizing Gnome desktop (you know how things has changed after gnome 2.3).

sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool


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  1. Does anyone know the wallpaper he’s using? It’d be appreciated if anyone could tell me, thanks. 🙂

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