Perl is one of the most popular scripting language. It is easy to learn and you can do lot in less amount of code. If you’ve used ruby then there is rails, sinatra, etc, for python Django is there and similarly for php there is cakePHP etc.

If you want to leverage your perl skills in web development then a cool framework might be very helpful, right? I think so. So is there any good web development framework for perl ? of course there is. Perl Dancer – it’s micro web development framework, it’s simple, easy and a lot of fun 🙂

Dancer – Web Development Framework for Perl

Dancer is a cool web development framework in perl, heavily inspired from Sinatra (web micro-framework for ruby). it’s a free and open source software (available under GPL).


Cool Features

  • it’s very simple and easy to learn
  • it’s a light weight framework (more precisely a micro framework)
  • it has very less dependencies (so you get started with development – in a couple of minutes)
  • it’s very flexible

Checkout this slide (below) to get a start Dancing with Perl 🙂 –

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