Ubuntu (12.04) holds a significant percentage in Desktop market (50% in GNU/Linux desktop share) and most importantly – it’s growing very fast. A lot of schools and universities have also switched to Ubuntu (most of them were using Windows XP). Since Ubuntu is very easy to use – kids also prefer Ubuntu or some other Light weight GNU/Linux distro specially designed for children. So I’ve come up with some cool applications that kids would love to try – Some are educational (in form of games or other) while some are purely for fun and entertainment.

Top 10 Free ‘n’ Open Source Softwares/Games for Kids

I assume you are using Ubuntu or some derivatives of Ubuntu such as edubuntu or some other GNU/Linux distribution. Although, I’ve selected the apps from Ubuntu Software Center (Using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS) but you can find these apps in package repository of your distro.

1. Tux Paint – A drawing program for kids.


2. Tux Math – Learn Math with Tux



3. Extreme Tux Racer – Sliding Tux on Mountain


4. Comix – Comic Book Viewer

comix - Comic Viewer


5. KWordQuiz – Flash card program for Vocabulary Learning


6. SuperTux 2 – A classic 2D jump game


7. Sudoku – Sudoku Puzzle Game


8. Celestia (GNOME) – Explore this Universe (space simulation program)


9. Anki – A memory training program


10. Supertuxkart – A kart racing game


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