There are lot of Dock Apps available for GNU/Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint 13. Some of the most popular dock Apps are – GLX-Dock (Cairo Dock with OpenGL), Docky and AWN (Avant Window Navigator).

Dock App is not just an eye candy app, it also makes lot of things much easier (such as multiple window/app management, easy shortcuts for complex and repetitive tasks etc). If you have tried these apps then consider sharing your favorite one.

Dock – it’s a Dock – that just works! It’s the most simple, elegant, and fast dock apps out there in Ubuntu Software Center.

Cairo Dock (GLX) – it’s the most advanced dock, with lots of cool features (plugins, themes, etc), and it also uses OpenGL for nice graphics animations/effects.

AWN – It’s a Mac OS X like Dock app for Ubuntu (or other Linux distro). So, it looks cool and it also has some nice features and graphics effects.


What’s Your Favorite Dock Application in Ubuntu /Linux Mint/other_Linux_distro ?


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  1. Plank for me. I like it because it doesn’t incluid mono libraries. You should incluid it in this poll

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