The Share of GNU/Linux distributions (as a Desktop Operating System) has increased significantly in the past few years, and it’s growing very fast.

Among the new Linux users, most of them are common desktop users who just want to get things done without much hassle. They need a simple and easy to use graphical interface not a green/black terminal (although, the terminal will help them a lot but it shouldn’t be compulsory, rather it would be like an extra tool – that they might want to learn, in order to become an advanced user).

There are various flavors of GNU/Linux distributions – some of them are dedicated for a specific purpose while some of them are targeted for common desktop users. Among these commonly used Linux distros, few most popular Linux distributions are – Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux Mint, ArchLinux, OpenSuse etc. Ubuntu holds around 50% share in Linux Desktop market, so it’s the most popular one – it has growing community, large number of developers, wide collection of free and open source applications (now, paid apps are also available in Ubuntu Software Center).

Linux Mint is derived from Ubuntu, but it focuses more on Linux beginners and non-technical users. So it’s the most beginner friendly Linux distro available now. it’s user base is also growing very fast.

Linux Mint 13 : Cinnamon Desktop

Linux Mint 13 – The Best Linux Distro for Beginners!

Linux Mint 13 “maya” is the latest stable version, there are various editions, depending on the desktop environment such as MATE, Cinnamon, KDE or XFCE. Linux Mint 13 – Cinnamon is the best one! Cinnamon is a new desktop based on GNOME 3/ Shell but it’s more beginner friendly with an intuitive UI.

Why Linux Mint 13 is the most beginner friendly GNU/Linux OS ?

it’s easy to use

Linux Mint 13 comes bundled with commonly used applications such as VLC player, Firefox Browser, Thunderbird (Email Client), Libre Office (equivalent to MS Office) etc. Restricted libraries and codecs pre-installed, which some times causes a lot of headache for beginners – because of that – they can’t even play a music file or video from computer, not even in browser because of flash player.

The desktop environment such as Cinnamon or MATE are very beginner friendly – as it follows the conventional Desktop layout, so users feels more comfortable, specially to the users coming from the Windows(7, XP or whatever). It has nice graphics effects that makes a desktop experience a lot fun, if your computer doesn’t support heavy graphics stuffs then it can easily fall back to simple mode.

Application management has become very easy –  just go to Software Manager and install the cool apps – in a couple of clicks (or update/remove the previous installed one). System can be updated – in one click – using the default system tool – update manager.

it’s easy to customize ‘n’ tweak

Cinnamon desktop (or MATE or whatever you’re using) can be customized – in a couple of clicks. In other distro – you would be searching for some tweaking tools but in Linux Mint 13, you got the customizing application – installed by default. You just go to System settings and start customizing your desktop.

cinnamon-settings : For Customizatoin

It’s very easy to change/customize themes, icons, fonts, panels etc, with the tool called – Cinnamon Settings.

Other obvious reasons are :

  • Get things done without much hassle
  • It has huge collection of Free Applications
  • it’s secure by default
  • it’s easy to learn and explore new stuffs
  • Large (and growing) Community of Users

Are you Ready to Try Linux Mint 13 ? If yes, then refer this Getting Started Guide for Linux Mint 13 Beginners.

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  1. This one didn’t bode well when I tried to introduce my uncle to GNU/Linux last week. I’m trying again now with the KDE edition and it is going a lot better now. The desktop looks more familiar to him and he likes the KDE apps more.

    1. A lot of Windows/Mac users feel more comfortable with KDE Desktop Environment, so Linux Mint 13 – KDE edition is a great option for them.

  2. I have to admit that I just don’t like Mint at all. I wish I could put my finger on why. But its the same with PClinuxOS, I can’t stand Texstar and his attitude so that puts me off using that distro as well. At the moment I am using Xubuntu which has proven to be fast, easy to customise, and very good if not better for beginners than say Mint etc. I have played around with Gnome 3 and although it looks good, their are a number of factors keeping it off my pc, namely lack of customisation, the fact you can’t adjust the windows etc without trying to find the edge to alter the size, and the sheer pigheadedness of the gnome developers who haven’t taken any of my and others constructive criticisms at all.
    KDE is indeed a good DE to use, especially if you forget the kickstart menu and go for KDE classic, or a tweaked XFCE desktop made to look like Gnome 2. MATE is coming along so I’ll try that DE as well and see where that leads me.

    But I digress.

    Ubuntu for Beginners, Mint possibly as well, Xubuntu is a good alternative, KDE DE for the Windows crowd.

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