Ruby is one of the most popular programming language, specially when it comes to web development, with the popular frameworks like Ruby On Rails, Sinatra, Padrino etc. it’s very easy to learn and often recommended to absolute beginners.

Ruby is a scripting language – just like Python, PHP and Perl, but ruby is somewhat more beginner friendly than others and certainly it’s more human friendly.  it has elegant syntax that leads to easily readable and maintainable code, and cool built-in methods and conventions makes programming a lot fun.Learning Ruby

Okay, you’ve decided to learn ruby (that’s great!) and here are some cool stuffs to help you get started! Checkout these free tutorials now and enjoy programming with ruby.

#1. Try Ruby

Try Ruby is an interactive ruby tutorials, where you can start running your ruby programs in browser. it’s really good for beginners, just give it a try – you will get a nice overview of ruby, probably within 15 minutes.

#2. Ruby Monk

it’s another great interactive tutorial, along with some code challenges. You will learn a lot of basic stuffs, very quickly!

#3. Leanstreet Ruby Class

A great interactive tutorial, just started (currently in beta), but it’s simply awesome!

#4. humble little ruby book

A good introductory book on ruby, available in a pdf format or you can view it online.

Learning Ruby on Rails ?

Check out this interactive video course on Ruby on Rails at Treehouse.

You got the basic idea about ruby, now you can start exploring on your own. The only way to learn ruby is to write programs in ruby  – so start writing tons of code in ruby. start a simple project (e.g a command line app or anything) in ruby and write/read a lot of code.

Update 1 : Added a new resource for ruby.

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