Terminator is a cool application (oh! the movie is cool too) for managing multiple terminals in efficient way. If you’re dealing with a lot of terminal windows then you may want to try a Terminal Emulator such as Terminator, Yakuake, GNU Screen, Tmux etc.

I want 3+ terminals during rails development, and Terminator seems perfect for that – top left grid for running local server, top right for local or remote system, and the bottom one as the primary one (git, migrations, deployment etc), all in one window spitted as grids. It’s simply more efficient and fun.

terminator : Ubuntu

Key features of Terminator

  • arrange terminals in grids or tabs
  • save profiles and layouts
  • lots of keyboard shortcuts
  • easy to use and customize
  • drag ‘n’ drop for re-arranging terminals and more!

Install Terminator in Ubuntu 12.10/12.04 / Linux Mint

Terminator is available in default package repository, so you just need to type :

sudo apt-get install terminator

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