“Quote Of The Day”, it’s a simple android app, full of inspiring and positive quotes (currently number of quotes is not very high – only hundred – but I’ll update that soon) and it’s Free too.

Few days ago, I suddenly got interested in ‘creating some apps for Android‘ and now it seams like I’ve started. 🙂  (From now on, I will also write about android apps and development frequently, stay tuned!)

quotes of the day

Quotes Of The Day – Inspiring Human Beings

You can easily browse – one quote at a time, in a random fashion. Yeah, there is no other way to search quotes like by author or topics/keywords. It’s a quote app that display one awesome quote, that’s all (and of course, you can get another quote on demand (but I think one quote a time will be more fun!)).

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Most of the quotes will inspire you, related to human life, success, happiness etc. No internet connection is required (although it’s recommended 🙂 for the sake of Admob) to browse quotes (as quotes are stored locally in the databases), it means you can inspire yourself even if you’re offline 🙂

Download/Install it from Google Play

Update! If you want to browse some inspiring quotes (by Abdul Kalam) online, then you can do that here without any installing any app : abdulkalamquotes.org 

Also check out http://sanskritslokas.com/ for collection of Sanskrit Shlokas/Quotes.

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  1. Awesome Ramesh. Been following your blog for some time and picked up quite a few things. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for Android. Always make sure to follow the holo toolkit and people will like the app.

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