Check for open ports using this free tool : Port Checker

Few weeks ago I created a tool : port checker – that checks for open ports. It’s a simple web app built using Sinatra (a lightweight framework in ruby) and Foundation (an advanced front end framework), over a weekend.


More about this little web app

It simply checks for open ports on your computer (useful in testing port forwarding setup or security reasons obviously). You need to specify the port number and IP Address (optional, it selects the origin IP by default, so it’s not required unless you want to scan for other device or server IP). Then it tells you whether the port is open or closed.

Later I also added a port scanner, so it can scan for some common ports (~20) in a single click. (However it restricts the IP address to origin to prevent any misuse)


  • simple and easy to use
  • mobile friendly design (thanks to the Foundation framework)
  • online port scanner (I may add some other features like port range scan or so, based on the suggestions on HN)

Note : It’s a web app intended for casual use. If you need a more comprehensive tool for scanning ports or security audits, then you should check out Nmap (or Zenmap if you prefer to use graphical interface over the command line), a free and open source tool for network scanning.

PS If you find the tool useful or have any suggestion/feedback, let me know via comments.

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