A Simple PC Builder Site for Indian Users

AssembleYourPC is my side project, I started last year (March 2013) when I couldn’t find any PC builder tool for Indian users. It’s a simple tool and you may find it useful while building a custom rig. The component prices are fetched from various sites (online) but it’s quite closer to the actual market price.

Current Status

  • Monthly users : ~25k
  • Number of rigs assembled so far : ~74k

Check out the website here : http://assembleyourpc.net

Simple and easy PC builder

Most of the components are handpicked, selected based on their performance reviews and ratings, so users can choose parts without any worry. (It also supports USD now!)

pc builder tool
Selecting a Component [Processor Page]

Compatibility Check

For now, it checks for socket compatibility between processor and motherboard, I’m planning to add compatibility options for other components (Cabinet, Power Supply etc) as well.

Showing Compatible Motherboards

Showing Final Rig

Users can either buy parts online (Flipkart, Amazon or Snapdeal) or download & print the pdf to buy it offline.

final rig
Displaying the details of a Rig

Next set of features, I’m working on

  • Make the website mobile friendly (responsive design and speed improvement)
  • More details for each components (description, reviews etc)
  • Allow users to buy their custom rig online (requires tie-up with some vendors and online payment gateway stuff etc)
  • Feel free to suggest some new features (you can comment below or email me here : ramesh at rameshjha.com )

Thanks And Credits

  • Lots of enthusiastic users for their feedback/suggestions over the last one and half year
  • Reddit India (/r/india) users for their feedback here

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