How to Open .RAR File in Ubuntu 10.04

If you have just installed the Ubuntu 10.04 on your computer and wondering for a software to open .RAR file ..this post will surely help you.The fact is that,after fresh installation of ubuntu 10.04 you will have to install some extra software(like Adobe Flash player,VLC player,CSS library for encrypted dvd playback..) for basic needs(If you have installed Ubuntu 10.04 from standard CD).

Install RAR Compression and Decompression Tool in Ubuntu 10.04

To Open RAR file(or to make rar file) you will have to add an application to Archive Manager so that it can handle with RAR files.Follow these steps to install RAR application-
1. Open Ubuntu Software Center or Synaptic Manager and Search for RAR.
2. Click on install to proceed for installation.
3. Wait for few minutes to finish the download and installation will begin automatically …and finish within few moments.
4. Installation completed successfully…now to open .RAR file,just click(right) on them and open with archive manager(or use double click).Everything will work expected and you would be able to extract rar files easily.

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  • saki

    Thank you ……. it work’s 100% ………. enjoying ubuntu big time ……..

    • rkjha

      Glad to know that, Saki …Welcome! to the Sudobits Blog – Learn and Share

  • Salman

    Thanks u ————– 100% prefect

  • B Avadhani

    Great it works thank you……..

  • Ian T

    Thanks…………..worked 1st time……..nice one.

    • rkjha

      Welcome && Thanks for the response..

  • Zee-yan

    Hi, sorry for inconvenience, when i click on install button of RAR i got a error,
    “The action would require the installation of packages from unauthenticated sources.”

    wht’s tht means?
    I’ll much Appreciated :- (

    • Marq7

      Same here and Ubuntu wouldn’t allow me to install.

  • Rayner Vaz

    “This program is shareware and you must register it after 40 days of use.” as mentioned in the Software Center description, has anybody had any issues regarding that?

  • Elabdde

    Thanks, it worked for me 🙂

  • Guest

    you can try p7zip-full

  • Jack

    Thanks worked for me!