install ucc in ubuntu 10.04

Ubuntu Control Center is developed(Inspiration is inherited from Mandriva Control Center) specially for new users or those who are coming from windows XP vista or 7 because it’s purpose is to control the system applications and programs centrally like Windows Control Panel.Since Ubuntu 10.04(Or its older versions) is primarily focused on desktop experience,that’s why the application management and administration may become much easier and more efficient after installing UCC(Ubuntu Control Center).

Install Ubuntu Control Center

step1 : In order to install ucc first you have to install another software(Dependent Software)-Font Manager.You can install font manager by using Gdebi Package Installer.First download the package(e.g font-manager_0.5.3_i386.deb).
download Font Manager
Then install it by opening with Gdebi Package Installer or save it to your computer and later double click(Or right click to open with Gdebi Package Installer).It will hardly take few minutes.When it installs successfully then proceed to next step.

step2 : Now you can install Ubuntu Control Center.First download the appropriate package(e.g ucc_i386.deb).
download Ubuntu Control Center(ucc)
Then install it in the same manner(described in step1) either by selecting open with Gdebi package installer or by double clicking on it.

You can also install it from the Command line.First Open the ubuntu shell/terminal and then go the directory in you have placed the .deb package.Then Apply the following command to install any debian(.deb) package.
sudo dpkg -i package_name.deb

Now you can access it from Applications->System Tools->UCC.One more screenshot of UCC :

ubuntu control center for ubuntu 10.04

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  1. Hey dude…I just installed Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid on a laptop, and I’m confused…

    What did you install…can you tell me what it does, what are the benefits.

    Because I just right-click on the Applications pull-down menu, then select Edit Menus, then in the left panel, select System…then in the right panel you can turn on Control Center…

    What’s that font manager do? Does it benefit anything else, or just that Control Center you downloaded? And why did you download that control center… It looks a bit different, but it looks like it does the same…

    Hard to tell…mine looks like the exact same interface as Compiz or Cairo-Dock…you can also type in what you’re looking for and as you type it starts filtering.

    Is there a difference between that one you downloaded and the one that comes with Ubuntu?

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