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import internet explorer bookmarks into firefox

Import Internet Explorer settings to Firefox

If you are going to change your operating system(windows to ubuntu) or just browser then naturally you don’t want to loose all the settings(bookmarks,saved password,proxy..).So this post is aimed to explain you to import the Internet Explorer settings into Mozilla Firefox in few steps.

Importing Internet Explorer Favorites and Bookmarks to Firefox

1. Open Internet Explorer and click on File->Import and Export.

2. Then Export the settings of Internet Explorer in the file name “bookmark.htm” and save it to Desktop.

3. If you are migrating from Windows to ubuntu then restart the computer.Next,boot through ubuntu,then mount the windows partition and go to Desktop to get the “bookmark.htm” file otherwise skip this step.

import internet explorer bookmarks into firefox

4. Now you can easily import the settings to Firefox through Import and Backup Wizard.Click on Import html.. and then a new window will appear,select from html fileĀ  through which you will be able to select the file bookmark.htm for importing the settings of internet explorer.

How to import bookmarks to firefox

remove delay while installing firefox extensions

remove delay while installing Firefox plugins

If you try to install Firefox plugins then you will have to wait for 3 seconds then only you can click on Install Now button i.e It takes three seconds to become active.It may annoy you if you are the users who install plugins frequently.

What is the reason of this 3 sec Delay?

Actually this is for security reasons because it prevents you from clicking automatically without reading for what purpose this plugin stands and whether this is trusted(verified) or not;because some plugins may act like a spyware.If so then your sensitive data(form or login or others) can be compromised very easily through the help of fake or untrusted plugins.So this 3 sec delay will give you a chance to read that what plugin you are going to install and whether it is safe or not.

How to remove this 3 sec installation delay in Firefox

1.Open Firefox and type “about:config” in the address bar(If it ask for security risk..then click on yes I understand security risks).

2.Now,Type “security.dialog_enable_delay” in the Filter Text box.

remove delay while installing firefox extensions

3.Then double click on the value(In the result) field to change.Set it to zero if you want to eliminate delay (or select 2000 for 2 seconds delay or 5000 for 5 sec delay or whatever you want.Unit is millisecond).

eliminate Firefox plugin installation delay

4.That’s all you can close the about:config tab and install the plugins without any delay.

NOTE : Be careful while installing plugins!!

spellchecker language pack for firefox

How to change Firefox Spell Checker Language

Mozilla Firefox comes with a spell checker for ensuring that you have written all the words correctly in boxes and forms(In feedback or commenting or in post) on any website.Whenever you will write some incorrect word in the form then it will be underlined in red.
By default,the Firefox Language is set to United States English which may annoy other users who use other English like United Kingdom English,Australia English or Canada English as their primary language.To solve this problem you can install other Language-pack(includes dictionaries of different languages) and later change the Language settings of your browser to work the spell checker as expected.

Installing Firefox Spell checker add-on/plugins on Linux,Windows or MacOSX

Use these simple steps to install extra dictionaries for your language(If it is not installed)

1.Open Firefox Browser.

2.Type the Following address in the address bar OR Click Here

3.Now choose your language and click on Install Dictionary to install the selected language pack.

4.Installation will finish within minutes.Then Restart the Firefox.

Change Settings of Spell checker in Mozilla Firefox

spellchecker language pack for firefox

1.Right Click on the word and then click on languages.
2.Now select your language from the list.
3.That’s All…

Features of Mozilla Firefox version 4

Faster JavaScript Engine : JagerMonkey

The Firefox 4 will come with a new and faster JavaScript engine JagerMonkey which is derived from TraceMonkey(The Javascript Engine used in current version of Firefox) and WebKit’s Nitro engine(That is used in Latest version of Safari).

New Visual Look and style

Firefox 4 will look differently than the current versions and it will looks little bit like Google Chrome.Application tab will also look like Google Chrome.

Better Support for HTML 5 and CSS-3

Firefox 4 will have better support for technologies built using HTML 5 and CSS 3 for advanced styling features.

Integrated Developer tool

Firefox 4 will have advanced and much powerful tools for developers to make the debugging more easier and efficient.

New Add On Manager

Management of Add ons will become more comfortable and efficient in the Firefox 4 due to the add on manager,which will come along with the Firefox 4.

How to Increase the speed of Firefox Browser

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular browser on the Internet.It is open source and Free.It is available for all operating systems like Linux based(Ubuntu 10.04),windows,MacOSX …So This post will try to explain about a trick you can use on Firefox browser to increase the page loading speed.The trick is based on the concept of HTTP Pipelining.

What is HTTP Pipelining?
(Those users who just want to know about trick may skip this part)
HTTP(Hypertext Transfer Protocol) Pipelining is a simple technique by using that more than one HTTP requests are send to a single socket.It is supported in HTTP/1.1(IT isn’t supported in HTTP/1.0).It all happens due to the fact that ,several HTTP request can be fitted in the same TCP(Transmission Control Protocol) packet so the total number of TCP packets sent on the Internet is reduced and thus result in less load on network.

Why Browsing Speed Increases?
Without HTTP Pipelining ,HTTP requests are sent out in successive order i.e one after another but If we use HTTP Pipelining then the request can be sent to the server more quickly that’s why the page loading time will decrease.Therefore the browsing speed will increase and surfing become faster with Firefox browser.

Speed Up Mozilla Firefox Browser
To utilize HTTP Pipelining,what you have to do is to just enable the HTTP pipelining in Firefox because it is disabled by default in Firefox version 3(or in greater version,It may not be supported in older versions,if so then first upgrade your browser).
Step1 : Open Firefox Browser and Type about:config in Address Bar and hit enter.
step2 : Now type network.http.pipelining in Filter box.
Before Changing the Settings(Firefox Browser),it was like this –

Speed Up firefox-Before trick

step3 : Change the value field of network.http.pipelining,from False to True(By Double Clicking on it).
Step4 : change the value field of network.http.pipelining.maxrequests from 4 to 8(or more).
step5 : You may like to change or not in third field,actually it is for servers that uses SSL.If you want then change it to true leave it untouched.
After Changing the Settings(Firefox Browser) , Now looks like –

Altering pipeling settings to speed up firefox

Step6 : That’s All..You are Done!! Enjoy Surfing Faster on Firefox Browser..