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best dvd burning software for Ubuntu

DVD/CD has no longer that much importance in our lives, but still very useful in many cases specially the bootable DVD/CD, even though the Linux based OS can be booted/installed from a USB other OS(e.g Windows) still uses it.

On Ubuntu 10.04(Lucid Lynx) or 10.10(Maverick Meerkat,the latest stable version) or Ubuntu 11.04(Next Version), you can find a lot of DVD burning softwares in the Ubuntu Software Center(USC), but what is the best among them ? Actually it is a very difficult question to answer because in most of the cases, it depends on the type of work. That’s why this post will introduce you with a free and open source dvd burning software, that you can use to burn DVD’s quickly in a reliable way.

Brasero – The Best Software/Application for Burning DVD/CD

Brasero is a free and open source application(GUI)  for burning dvd on Linux Distros like Ubuntu, Linux Mint etc. Other softwares that you may want to use is РK3b,CD/DVD Creator,DeVeDe Video creator etc. Brasero is very simple to use with a lot of features.


Features of Brasero at a Glance

  • burn/write Data or Audio CD/DVD
  • Erase DVD
  • a customizable GUI
  • Copy/clone CD/DVD
  • Song/Image/Video Previewer
  • Save/Load Projects
  • Supports Drag and Drop

How to install Brasero on Ubuntu

Brasero is installed by default in most of the cases. If you found brasero missing on your systems or you want to reinstall it then use Ubuntu Software Center to install it. On the other hand you can also install it from shell/Command Line/Terminal. Type (Followed by your user account => login password ) –

$ sudo apt-get install brasero
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Create video DVD for home dvd player in Ubuntu 10.04

For creating dvd for home dvd player you can use DeVeDe ,a simple application specially designed for creating Video DVDs supported by home dvd players.

Features of DeVeDe

  • no limitation on number of video files
  • any formats supported by Mplayer
  • you can create subtitles
  • it allow you to create menus

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How to install DeveDe on Ubuntu 10.04

On Ubuntu 10.04 you can install it from Ubuntu Software Center.Open Applications->Ubuntu Software Center and search for “devede” then click on install to begin the installation procedure.Within few minutes the installation will complete and you can find it in Applications->Sound and Video->DeVeDe.

cd burning software for ubuntu 10.04

CD-DVD Burning Application for Ubuntu 10.04

cd burning software for ubuntu 10.04

Ubuntu 10.04 comes with a default CD and DVD burning application – Brasero,which is best for creating and copying CDs and DVDs.If it is not installed then you can install it from Ubuntu Software Center or Synaptic Package Manager.


Brasero is an open source application and available free;It is very simple to use with nice GUI.It can be used to create audio,video or data CDs and DVDs.It has a lot of features and one important point is that you can increase its features and functionalities by using plugins such as support for encrypted DVDs and CDs can be added by installing libdvdcss2.

Create CDs and DVDs for home DVD player :

You may like to use DeVeDe for creating dvds or cds for simple dvd player.
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DVD ripping software -Install in Ubuntu 10.04

DVD Ripping Software for Ubuntu 10.04

How to Rip DVD in Ubuntu 10.04(Lucid Lynx)
Ubuntu 10.04 comes with some basic softwares only so some extra softwares are required for other common tasks like DVD Ripping.Actually there are many softwares available like AcidRip,DVD-Rip and so on for Ubuntu 10.04.I would like to recommend AcidRip DVD Ripper,a GTK-Perl application used for encoding DVD’s.

DVD ripping software -Install in Ubuntu 10.04
Install DVD Ripping software on Ubuntu 10.04
1.Open Ubuntu Software Center(Applications->) OR Synaptic Package Manager(System->Administration->).
2.Search for “acidrip” or “dvd rip” in quick search bar.
3.Click on install to install the acidrip(USC) otherwise Mark for installation and then apply to begin the installation.You may be asked to enter your login password(Ubuntu 10.04 user account),if so then enter your password.Downloading will begin.
4.Installation will just after the completion of downloading process.It will hardly takes a minute.
5.You have installed AcidRip successfully!!(I hope So,otherwise leave a comment to explore your problem in installation)…Enjoy Ripping ….with AcidRip..

how to play encrypted dvd in ubuntu 10.04

playing dvd in ubuntu

After installing the Ubuntu 10.04,some extra softwares i.e is not installed by default(Due to license problem) is necessary to install.. like adobe flash player, and library for playing encrypted dvd.

In general all the commercial DVDs use CSS(Content Scramble System),a digital right management(DRM) scheme which uses a proprietary 40 bit stream cypher algorithm.The CSS key sets are licensed by DVD copy control association to manufacturers so that they can incorporate them into their products like DVD movie releases,players and driver softwares.CSS key is nothing but a combine term for all the keys such as authentication keys,disc keys,player keys,title keys etc.

Due to this reason ubuntu can’t ship css library so it is not able to play encrypted DVD by default.
Hence in order to play dvd you have to install the libdvdcss2 or libdvdcss library(A free software library,part of Video Lan project for accessing and unscrambling DVD;encrypted with CSS).In ubuntu 10.04 you have to install libdvdread4 package.you can to install it by either command line or using synaptic manager.

Using Command Line
step1 : Open the terminal(CTRL+ALT+T).

step2 : First, run the command

sudo apt-get install libdvdread4 (It may be installed,if so then move to next step).
step3 : Next, run this command :

sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh
step4 : Now remove the dvd fr0m the tray and insert it again.Now Mplayer will open it automatically(If no then check the options).You can also play with VLC player.
step5 : That’s all…enjoy.I hope you are playing your dvd..if no then you may leave a comment about the problem.

Using Synaptic Package Manager(Recommended for older version)
step1 : Go to System->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager.
step2 : search for ubuntu restricted extras.
step3 : check the box for installation.
step4 : Install the restricted packages by clicking on Apply changes.
step5 : Installation will complete and then you would be able to play you dvd well.
step6 : that’s all…