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Top 10 Open Source Applications for Children

Ubuntu (12.04) holds a significant percentage in Desktop market (50% in GNU/Linux desktop share) and most importantly – it’s growing very fast. A lot of schools and universities have also switched to Ubuntu (most of them were using Windows XP). Since Ubuntu is very easy to use – kids also prefer Ubuntu or some other Light weight GNU/Linux distro specially designed for children. So I’ve come up with some cool applications that kids would love to try – Some are educational (in form of games or other) while some are purely for fun and entertainment.

Top 10 Free ‘n’ Open Source Softwares/Games for Kids

I assume you are using Ubuntu or some derivatives of Ubuntu such as edubuntu or some other GNU/Linux¬†distribution. Although, I’ve selected the apps from Ubuntu Software Center (Using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS) but you can find these apps in package repository of your distro.

1. Tux Paint – A drawing program for kids.


2. Tux Math – Learn Math with Tux



3. Extreme Tux Racer – Sliding Tux on Mountain


4. Comix – Comic Book Viewer

comix - Comic Viewer


5. KWordQuiz – Flash card program for Vocabulary Learning


6. SuperTux 2 – A classic 2D jump game


7. Sudoku – Sudoku Puzzle Game


8. Celestia (GNOME) – Explore this Universe (space simulation program)


9. Anki – A memory training program


10. Supertuxkart – A kart racing game


linux for kids

best Linux Desktop for kids : Qimo

Linux Desktop for Kids

A large collection of operating system based on Linux are available now and most of them have designed for specific purposes and uses.Some Linux desktops are also developed and designed specially for kids.Qimo is one of the linux based operating system for kids.

linux for kids

Qimo : operating system for kids(Based on Ubuntu Linux Desktop)

Qimo is an open source and free desktop operating system designed for kids.Qimo is actually based on ubuntu linux(One of the popular desktop operating system).Qimo is one of the popular Linux Desktop for kids/children of age 3 and above.Qimo comes with educational games(which is installed by default) with large icons and easy to use graphical user interface(GUI).Qimo use XFCE desktop,the default desktop environment for Xubuntu.

How to install Qimo?

Since Qimo is free and open source operating system,First download it(It’s latest stable version-qimo2.0) from it’s official website-
Download Qimo 2.0

After downloading the ISO file,burn it to a CD/DVD and then install it like any other Linux Based operating system.