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best multimedia player for ubuntu

best multimedia player for ubuntu

best multimedia player for ubuntu
This post will give an overview of the best multimedia (audio,video..) player,that you can use on Ubuntu 10.10(Maverick Meerkat)/10.04(Lucid Lynx)/9.10..Actually the Ubuntu comes with a default media player which works well after installing some restricted audio and video codecs,but it doesn’t have that much sophisticated features expected by a music lover.That’s why I spent a lot of time in searching/installing/playing ¬†other media players and finally I came up with one player for each – one for audio(e.g for .mp3 files) and other for video file(e.g for .avi,mp4..). Continue reading

install calibre ubuntu

how to install calibre on ubuntu

Calibre is an ebook library management software.This post will explain you about installing calibre(ebook collection manager) on Ubuntu OS(the process is same for almost all versions like ubuntu 9.10/10.04/10.10 …and others).Calibre is an open source and free application and in ubuntu you can find it in software center or package manager.You can also download and install it manually from it’s official website(http://calibre-ebook.com/).Calibre has support for wide range of formats,some most common formats are *.pdf,*.mobi,*.epub,*.html,*.odt,*.lit,*.txt.It’s very easy to import books from one platform to other (in couple of clicks) by using calibre.

Install ebook library management software calibre on ubuntu

From Command Line

#1. Open Terminal/shell;type the command(enter ubuntu login password if required) and enter y(when prompted for installation)

~$ sudo apt-get install calibre

#2. Wait until the installation is complete.

From Ubuntu Software Center

#1. Open Ubuntu Software Center and then move to Get Software -> Office and click on install in calibre row.
#2. Enter password if required and then wait for few minutes for the installation to complete.

install calibre ubuntu

Conclusion : Calibre is one of the most popular ebook management application;due to the various formats support it’s known as universal ebook reader.After the completion of installation you can access it from Applications->Office->Calibre.

speed up ubuntu

how to speed up ubuntu 9.10

how to speed up ubuntu

Why do you need to speed up Ubuntu 9.10?

Ubuntu 9.10 OR any other version of Linux is faster than windows based operating system e.g boot time,shutdown time and…so on, except in the case when we analyze about program start up time i.e the time it takes to launch an application.
The reason seems little obvious due to the structure and design of Linux based operating system like Ubuntu 9.10.In windows based applications,the most part of the required library(The libraries that must be available for the application to run,called as dependencies) are integrated within *.msi file i.e static linking is used.While in case of Linux based OS,dynamic linking is preferred and all the libraries are shared globally(Instead of windows analogy where all programs have their library attached statically) using the dynamic linking concept.That’s the secret for the small size of Linux based OS.So the application program has to first linked with all the libraries and API’s ..so it results in bigger startup time.The solution of this problem is prelinking.

How to speed up Ubuntu : with prelinking

To reduce program start up time …Prelinking is recommended.Go to this post for more details on how to use prelinking.(It’s applicable for All Linux Based system ..e.g Ubuntu 9.10,10.04,10.10..)

installing inkscape in ubuntu

how to install inkscape on ubuntu

This post is published to explain – how to install inkscape in ubuntu 10.04/9.10/..with a small tour to introduce with inkscape and it’s features.Inkscape is an open source and free vector graphics editor with the features equivalent to adobe illustrator,coreldraw or xara x by using the SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics) format,the standard vector graphics format defined by W3C.Inkscape also support many advanced SVG features like markers,clones,alpha blending …. in the sophisticated Graphical Interface.

Installing Inkscape on Ubuntu 10.04(Lucid Lynx)/9.10/..

installing inkscape in ubuntu

Install Inkscape from Command Line

Open the terminal from Applications -> accessories -> Terminal.Now run the following command as root(Use Sudo (or su) to gain temporary root power)

$ sudo apt-get install inkscape

Install Inkscape from Synaptic Package Manager

#1. Open SPM(System -> Administration -> SPM) and search for “inkscape”.

#2. Mark(select ok if asks for dependencies) the necessary packages for installation.

#3. Now,click on Apply to begin installation process…and wait until the process complete..

#4. That’s all…you have installed the Inkscape successfully on your Ubuntu Computer.

Using Inkscape : Go to Applications -> Graphics ->Inkscape.

install openshot video editor on ubuntu

install openshot video editor on ubuntu

In latest version of Ubuntu i.e Lucid Lynx(Ubuntu 10.04),the canonical has added a video editor application/program in the default package.That default video editor is Pitivi Video Editor.In older versions of Ubuntu(Ubuntu 9.10 or other) OR If you want to try new video editing software then you should also try – OpenShot Video Editor.It’s free and in Linux Based distribution you can find it in software center or package manager.

install openshot video editor on ubuntu

OpenShot : The Best Video Editor for Ubuntu/Linux
OpenShot is a free,open-source,non linear video editor.So you can use openshot to edit and create videos and movies in many popular video/audio/image file formats.Openshot uses MLT libraries for video editing(Also used by another popular Open source video editor Kdenlive).

Important Features of OpenShot Video Editor

  • Multiple Tracks
  • Transitions
  • Video and audio effects
  • key frame animation
  • image overlays and watermarks

Installing openshot in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

#1. Open Synaptic Package Manager and search for ‘openshot'(excluding quotes).

#2. Then mark the box in the rows that says openshot,if you need help in editing videos then also mark openshot-doc for installation.Click ok if it says to install additional Libraries/dependencies.

#3. Next,click on Apply to install the selected packages..and wait for the installation to complete.

#4. Now,you can open it from Applications->Sound&Video->OpenShot.

Conclusion : OpenShot video editor has a lot of new and exciting features(3d effects).Recently in a poll Openshot video editor has voted(35%) as the TOP open source video editor program.Enjoy Video editing with OpenShot,the best open video editor.