Easy Way to learn bash commands-tutorial-1|Linux-Ubuntu CLI

Bash comes installed with the most of the linux distribution(With MAC-OS also) such as in Ubuntu. The aim of this tutorial to explain about the need and importance about the bash commands followed by the practical use of basic commands.

These days there are so many excellent charming and cool graphical user interfaces are available So you may think that learning about the bash commands and command line interface are unnecessary, probably you like the abstraction created by graphical interfaces and you are able to do the tasks by simply clicking the mouse.

But in the case if you want to know the background explaination or the communication involved between your application softwares and operating system, learning bash commands is not a bad idea(Actually it’s a GREAT IDEA). As it allows you to pass and execute commands to kernel of your linux machine and hence it finish the task in less time as compared to GUI. In linux based distributions such as ubuntu, basics of bash commands is necessary to perform some administrative task. Hence if you are going to be an computer programmer or network security expert or you want to administrate your computer well,then you can enjoy learning bash commands.In fact it is easy and interesting…

Some basic commands in bash shell :

1. CD command :It is used for changing the working directory in the bash shell.Suppose you are working in home directory and you want to change it to Desktop then you can use the cd command as- SYNTAX : cd directory(to which you want to go)

rk10@rk-desktop:~$ cd Desktop               #here I have used relative path,you can use full path if the selected sub directory/or other destination  is not available in that directory.

2. MAN Command
To access the Manual.
man cd

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