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Due to the enormous increment in the methods and techniques of internet attacks it has been necessary to categorized in a particular manner.Probably no one in the world had ever imagined(in 1980s) that the after few decades internet would become an important place for criminal activities or simply a new era of cyber crime would begin with the growth of internet.

Although the types of attacks can be categorized in many ways but here I am going to discuss about these classification –

(A)Types of internet attacks(first method)

1. Confidentiality : It contains the attacks which is based on gathering sensitive information of a particular company or individual and to misuse that particular information to harm some one or to gain something in illegal manner.Snooping and sniffing comes under this category.

2. Availability : Its mean to attack so that the information becomes unavailable and you know information which is not available on the time is just useless.Denial of service or DOS is a simple attack that comes under this category.In another cases if the information is deleted by the attacker then that attack may be categorized here.

3. Integrity : This is one of the most important attacks used these days.Integrity means the information is delivered correctly as it is i.e in integrity attacks information is tempered by attacker.Spoofing like dns spoofing or arp spoofing is the simple example of this category which used in carrying integrity attacks.

(B)Types of internet attacks(Second method)

1. Active: Active attacks by name it is self explanatory that the attacker is performing attack at the same time he got the information or in active mode(spoofing or DOS) i.e he is either performing integrity or availability attacks.hence it is easier to detect and prevent.

2. Passive: these are the most dangerous attacks in which the first aim of the attacker is to just get the sensitive or vulnerable information.then he plan for attack and its execution.So the process happens in the silent manner.Hence it is very difficult to detect.

thanks to Behrouz A. Forouzan

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