installing adobe flash in ubuntu

Adobe flash player is necessary for modern browsing experience because more than 65% of the websites on the Internet have flash contents.For playing youtube video you need latest version of adobe flash.After the fresh installation of ubuntu 10.04,you can install the adobe flash player(It will work For atleast these browsers-Mozilla,Crome,Opera,SeaMonkey and Midori) by following these steps :

step1 : Download the .deb package fr0m the adobe’s website.Its size is 3.84 MB.
Download URL :

step2 : If you have selected the default option at the time of downloading like -“Open with – Gdebi package installer” then installation will be automatically started after the completion of downloading,otherwise go to the location of downloaded file and right-click(default) on it to open with “Gdebi Package Installer”.

step3 : After some moments an option- “Install package” will appear on the right corner of a window.Click on “install package”,it may asks for user password,if so then enter your user account(Ubuntu login) password.

step4 : Wait for few minutes until the installation will complete.Now, Open the browser and open to play a video.If no problem is there, then your work is done otherwise click on reinstall the package.

step5 : That’s all ..I hope you installed the adobe flash successfully in your Ubuntu 10.04 LTS(Lucid Lynx).

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  1. Comes up with an error on 10.04 PPC(I’m running a PowerBook G4 laptop). Says “Error: Wrong Architecture ‘i386′” I suppose that is because I am on a G4 computer rather than a normal windows machine. Any solutions?

  2. Jak, I’ve same problem with you. Its because we’re using non Intel architecture (I’m using AMD). Who can solve this?

    1. You need to install “Adobe Flash Player plugin installer (transitional package)” from the Software Center under Ubuntu’s Applications, I have an AMD and that fixed my problem. Hope this helps!

  3. Thankyou, I didnt have any problem and happy with the installation procedure…thanks a lot!

  4. I tried the transitional package, but I still cannot get flash player. I’m on an HP that I got like 3.5 years ago. Please help. =)

  5. I have installed the package – for – adobe flash player as u have told but still even if I go for a video on Facebook it says install flash player.

  6. Hi there
    Tried to follow this process but it didn’t actually work for me.   The download page doesn’t offer a deb for Ubuntu, it offers an APT for Ubuntu .. and when I click to download it the Software Center starts up and tells me that the app is available from the “maverick-partner” source and gives me a button saying “Use this source” – so I click on the button and … nothing happens.  No error message and no install.

    So, what do I next?

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