Facebook has added some new features for making the photo tagging process much easier.As a matter of fact most of the people spend a lot of time on uploading,browsing and tagging photos.

photo tagging in easy way | facebook

Photo Tagging become Easier

That’s why facebook has decided to make tagging more efficient.Now you can tag your friends and family in a few click from any section of site.It uses the face detection technology that you have already used with cameras.Facebook has implemented some new techniques in auto detection and it is being test.

San Odio from the Facebook says- ” With this new feature, tagging is faster since you don’t need to select a face. It’s already selected for you, just like those rectangles you see around your friends’ faces when you take a photo with a modern digital camera. All that’s left for you to do is type a name and hit enter. Cool, huh? “

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