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What is social networking?
The term Social Networking was invented in 1950’s for describing the group and community with their individual relationships;so that the people of same interest can share their thought/experience together.When the web based social network came into existence,the limitation around the physical network were disappeared.Now there are lot of social network exists on the Internet and few best examples are

  • Facebook
  • MySpace
  • Orkut
  • Google Wave
  • Digg
  • StumbleUpon

………………..& so on.

Best Open source and free(foss) Software(2010) for Creating Social Networking Website

Currently there are more than 30 Open source Softwares are available that can be used to create online social networks(Due to the revolutionary progress in the open source software development during last few years).Some of the best open source social networking softwares are :


It is the best open source social networking software for creating a community where the people of similar interest can share their idea.It is available free and you can download and install it within few minutes.The website’s interface is little similar to MySpace but you can customize it as you like.Elgg is most recommended open source networking software for school,college or university.A lot of free plugins and templates/themes are available to extend the functionality, and to change the layout of the software.It’s latest version 1.7.1 is just released and available for download on it’s official website(Link is given below).
Download Elgg


If you want a social network where the people can vote on some articles(taken from the web by individual users/members) then pligg is the best open source social networking software for you.It’s layout and design is little similar to Digg.Actually it’s a open source cms(Content Management System) but you can use it as social networking software.It has advanced comment system,private message,user profiles,groups,friends and other important expected features.A lot of free templates and plugins are available for customizing the look of the social network and user’s profile.
Download Pligg


Zoints are composed of Synergy,a thread voting system that enables the users to promote the best content from the Internet through voting;Local,an enhanced profile,social networking and blog for forums;Thread tags,for tagging the threads with keywords related to the content.So it’s very well suited for all types of social networks.It is available free and you can download and integrate with vBulletin.
Get Zoints


Dolphin is the most advanced social networking software.It is open source but not exactly free(You will have to pay for removing footer links).It’s important feature includes
#Modular and independent
#Easy photo and video sharing
#groups…and more
Dolphin is Well suited for web communities and dating websites.
download dolphin
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