Ubuntu 10.04-Lucid Lynx uses GNOME as Default Desktop.GNOME desktop is used by most of the Linux distros,it has lot of options,themes and features.You can customize it up to the level you want.In this post you will learn about installing Mac OSX theme on Ubuntu 10.04.For Ubuntu you can use Macbuntu which is Mac OS X transformation Pack pack specifically designed for Ubuntu.This Package contains all the system components to mimic Mac OS X appearance on Ubuntu 10.04.

mac theme ubuntu

Installing Mac Theme on Ubuntu 10.04

#1. Download Mac Theme Package ‘Macbuntu’ from the link given below.

Download Macubuntu Package

#2. Extract the archive,it will create a Macbuntu-10.04 directory.

#3. Go to Macbuntu-10.04 directory,open terminal(CTRL+ALT+T) and run the ‘install.sh’ file(it’s a bash script) as regular user.The simple way is to “Drag the install.sh file and Drop it to Terminal,then press Enter”.Then follow some simple instructions.

rkjha@rkjha-desktop:~$ '/home/rkjha/extra-packages/Macbuntu-10.04/install.sh'

#4. That’s All…Now you can enjoy Mac OS X Theme on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx.

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  1. Checking currently installed version of Macbuntu-10.10…
    Failed. The script is not able to determine what version is currently installed

  2. yes my friend do that
    $ tar xzvf /tmp/Macbuntu-10.10.tar.gz -C /tmp
    $ cd /tmp/Macbuntu-10.10/
    $ ./install.sh force
    and then answer (y)

    1. why not, by default, it may not appear; if so then just right click on the panel and select – add (icons) to panel; add the ‘workspace switcher’ . That’s all..

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