This post will explain about some open source and free web development tools that you can use to increase your productivity while using Ubuntu(Linux Based operating system,specifically designed for desktop users) 10.10(Maverick Meerkat) or 10.04(Lucid Lynx).

web development on ubuntu | with Eclipse

#1 : Eclipse Web Development tools ::

Eclipse IDE is probably the best for web development on’s open source and available completely free.Eclipse is mainly popular as JAVA IDE but it has a lot of plugins and special editions for web developers.e.g Eclipse PHP,Javascript,HTML,XML and so on.Some packages are specially organized in web tools.Installing Eclipse is quite simple ..just extract it to any directory and run the main executable.If you are still not sure then see here – installing eclipse on ubuntu 10.10

Download Eclipse web tools

#2 : Quanta Plus ::

Quanta Plus is a web development environment for HTML(and other markup languages) ,scripting language(e.g php,javascript,python),CSS(Cascading Style Sheet)..and so on.You can install it on Ubuntu 10.10 in a couple of clicks from Ubuntu Software Center.
quanta web development tool -ubuntu

#3 : Bluefish Editor ::

Bluefish Editor is a GTK+ based HTML Editor specifically designed for advanced web designer/developer.It’s features includes HTML syntax highlighting,image thumbnail creation,image insert dialog,frames and table manipulation..and so’s also available in ubuntu software snapshot on ubuntu is given below –

Bluefish Editor

#4 : Geany ::

Geany is a lightweight and fast IDE based on’s open source and has support for almost all the commonly used web programming is very simple to use.You can download and install it very easily …in a couple of clicks.

Download Geany IDE

web development tools for ubuntu - Geany

If you are not familiar with ubuntu packages and installation procedures then this might help you – how to install geany in ubuntu.

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  1. Update your article: Quanta Plus is NOT yet available on Ubuntu 11.10 repositories.

    And I really NEED it. So I’m trying to find an alternative way to install it.

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