best multimedia player for ubuntu
This post will give an overview of the best multimedia (audio,video..) player,that you can use on Ubuntu 10.10(Maverick Meerkat)/10.04(Lucid Lynx)/9.10..Actually the Ubuntu comes with a default media player which works well after installing some restricted audio and video codecs,but it doesn’t have that much sophisticated features expected by a music lover.That’s why I spent a lot of time in searching/installing/playing  other media players and finally I came up with one player for each – one for audio(e.g for .mp3 files) and other for video file(e.g for .avi,mp4..).

Best Audio Player for Ubuntu : Amarok

Amarok is the best audio player for ubuntu or any other Linux based operating systems(it’s also available for windows and Mac OS).it’s open source and free with a lot of advanced features.The graphical interface is fantastic and simple to use.I know you will like it.To install Amarok just go to ubuntu software center and install in a click.Here is one screenshot, taken on Ubuntu 10.10.

best media player for ubuntu

Best Video Player for Ubuntu : VLC

VLC is “all in one” media player and it’s available for all the platforms(Linux,windows,mac).For Ubuntu vlc is best for playing various video formats like avi,mp4,flv etc.See here for more details on vlc and how to install vlc on ubuntu 10.10 or installing vlc on ubuntu 10.04 .


Other multimedia applications that you like to try on ubuntu includes XMMS media player and XBMC media player.If you have any experiences with any media players on Ubuntu,then please share with us through comments.

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  1. Amarok is the most bloated player available for gnulinux and damn slow..
    Try out something like banshee or exaile..

  2. i like vlc only however i have noticed an issue with vlc on every linux distro that i start running with single click only and being a habitual user of windows this features seem to be a bug for me

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