This post is written for those who used to be a Windows XP user, but now enjoying Ubuntu and want to have windows xp like look on Ubuntu 10.10/10.04.Ubuntu has lot of good looking/charming themes by default,it’s very flexible and far better than windows XP theme(in every aspect – look,style,options and speed),but ‘just for fun!’ you may want to try windows themes on GNOME desktop(which is the default desktop for Ubuntu(probably up to version 10.10,because 11.04 might be packed with Unity desktop)).Here I have given the snapshot and download link for one of my favorite windows xp theme –

Theme Name : NotXP

Windows XP themes for Ubuntu

Download Windows XP Theme for Ubuntu

Download NotXP theme

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  1. The index.theme appears to be broken, it’s got a half finished line and several missing lines. I’m not sure how the missing lines would be treated, probably filled in with defaults, but the half blank line breaks it. To fix it, save a theme as a custom one, and copy the missing lines from the index.theme that creates (in ~/.themes), not sure which theme to copy, one that looks like XP already would be best.

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