Google has just released a new web application- ‘Google Body(body browser)’ that allow you to browse human body like Google Maps using 3D models. So you can select different biological views of the human body and zoom in/out to the parts you want to explore. it can be viewed in any web browser with the support of WebGL e.g Google Chrome.

Currently only one Model i.e Female Model is available but on their official website it is indicated that Male Model is also coming soon! I am very enthusiastic about such innovative or amazing web applications ; so I think it will be a big hit, not only due to its amazing features but its use for learning/exploring human body.

Try Google Body Browser Now

Important Features of the Body Browser

  • Identify Anatomy
  • Zoom In/Out for the selected part/region
  • search for muscles,bones,organs and others
  • Easy navigation to the parts,you are interested in
  • smooth rotation of the body

google body browser

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