Ubuntu 11.04 – code named as Natty Narwhal, stable version has released today (few hours ago). Ubuntu 11.04 has arrived with a lot of surprises and features, the biggest one is that – The Default desktop is Natty not Gnome 3.0 (The Next Generation Desktop, If you want to try Gnome, then go here – install gnome 3 desktop on Ubuntu 11.04 ), although you can select Gnome classic version from the login menu, if you want. Ubuntu’s release cycle is very clear – Two major versions in a year x.04 and x.10 (probably, where x = ‘The last two digit of year’). Final version has released after some Alpha versions, followed by two beta version, eliminating the RC (Release Candidate) version, this time.

How to Get Ubuntu 11.04 ?

It is free and open source, download it and install on your computer, using USB or CD. If you want more help then follow this link – step by step guide for installing ubuntu 11.04 from USB or CD drive .

Download Ubuntu 11.04

Ubuntu 11.04 has shipped with Unity, but Gnome Applications are there. Most of the default applications are similar to its previous version – Ubuntu 10.10, just the interface seems different due to Unity. Here is the one snapshot, I have taken from my Desktop –


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    1.  Sure, get a ubuntu 10.10 iso create your disk image on either a usb thumb drive or a cd/dvd and reinstall.

  1. The truly amazing thing is the “non-destructive” install which is basically the same as the old on line update. This allows you to upgrade or re-install off the cd-rom without losing data. Windows has had it for years and now finally we have it. Good news!

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