Mac OS X has been the most popular operating system, if we consider the look (of course! it’s good looking but not if we think in terms of Performance or Security or Features – Ubuntu is far better!); probably due to its robust – layout, design and typography; and cool charming icons (Mac OS X Leopard Icons). That’s why most of the snapshots you see in Application/software releases, uses Mac OS (with the assumption that the particular Apps/Software is supported with Mac).

On Ubuntu 11.04(Natty Narwhal), if you are using Gnome Desktop then customize it in the same way as you did in Ubuntu 10.10 (Using Macbuntu in Ubuntu 10.10 – Lucid Lynx), but it may vary if you are using Unity Desktop probably due to Unity shell/Interface. But don’t worry Gnome 2.3 themes is also supported with Unity. You just need to download the theme package (*.tar.gz) and drop it on the ‘Appearance -> Themes window’. If the package is properly configured, then it will display a message like – ‘New Theme Installed Successfully’. So in this post, you will learn – how to get mac like look on Ubuntu 11.04‘ i.e transforming Natty Narwhal to Mac using a simple theme.

Performance of 'Ubuntu 11.04' + Appearance of 'Mac OS X' => Great Experience


Installing Mac Theme on Ubuntu 11.04

step #1 : Download the Mac Theme package – named as : ‘Not Mac’.

Download Not Mac Theme for Ubuntu 11.04

step #2 : Now install the downloaded theme using- just Drag and Drop method i.e drag the ‘139967-Not Mac.tar.gz’ theme file, and drop it to ‘Appearance -> Theme window’ to install. You will get a message – like ‘Keep the Current Theme’ or ‘Apply New Theme’, so select second option to try now or you can select it any time from the theme tab under appearance settings.

step #3 : That’s all..enjoy the cool and beautiful look of Mac on Ubuntu, with a lot of Fun!

If you want the Ubuntu 11.04 to look more closer to Mac OS X then better use Gnome 2.3 Desktop (select it at login prompt, it’s already installed by default). Here is another look – of Gnome Desktop with Mac Theme –


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  1. it wont work it leaves the classic ubuntu bar on top and only uses the window border.

  2. Same deal 4 me. Can’t get compiz to work on my Ubuntu 11.04 so can’t download the Macbuntu file here ‘’ which supposedly works only on 10.04 and 10.10.
    So what’s the deal? Do u really have a way to get 11.04 to look just like the above configuration (not talking about the lazy window appearance)? Tried at log in options as you suggest :
    “” If you want the Ubuntu 11.04 to look more closer to Mac OS X then better use Gnome 2.3 Desktop (select it at login prompt, it’s already installed by default)…””
    Gnome 2.3 Desktop option is not there. Only Ubuntu, Ubuntu classic, classic (default..

      1. Even with the Ubuntu Classic selected you don’t get the Mac OSX launcher bar.. The second photo is a Mac OSX screenshot obviously..I mean you can see the Finder application, the iPhoto etc.. The rest theme is pretty cool though..! Any ideas for the Launcher?


        1. or search the software centre for ‘docky’ or ‘cairo-dock’. be sure to select Mac OS X themes though..

  3. Really Coool Theme, Although few bugs!!!
    1) Vlc is already having a bug “the title bar does not does not update itself when one opens a video file without activating the vlc window. It updates its title bar once you activate vlc window.” With your theme this bug annoys more than original one because now vlc does not update the title bar unless you either snap the vlc window to one of edges or maximize and restore the vlc window.
    2) Sometimes the buttons to close, maximize, minimize do not load correctly when opening new application windows. This happens usually when I open apps for the first time during a login session. Though I am not sure but it annoys. I have observed it with firefox a number of times.

    1. of course yes! – second image belongs to Gnome 2 desktop, in Ubuntu 11.04, Gnome 2 is also available as classic desktop,which you can choose at login prompt.

  4. I HATE MAC THEME with all min/max/close on the LEFT!
    I am right-handed for a f**k sake!

  5. Wait, how do you use the gnome 2.3 desktop? I’m sort of new with the whole ubuntu thing, so do you think you could explain it kind of simple for me?

      1. it’s very simple …top panel is there for selecting programs/applications to run.. I don’t know exactly what your problem is, Post your problem here – we will solve it together.. Have Fun!

  6. Works with a 11.04 Natty like a charm. But for best results select mono dark icon set to customize theme . With that little settings your ubuntu will same as  leopard…

  7. Use Macbuntu Ppl’s that is so easy to install. Make sure you have the Internet connected because it downloads apps like Docky. It asks you certain questions which you need to answer and once completed do a restart and select the Classic desktop and log in. It’s MAC OSX for you 😀

  8. installing is very easy….plz some1 tell me how to remove ths theme?????i m gettin unexpected errors…i installed theme for ubuntu 10.04 on 11.04……

  9. i used .sh file by force on 11.04 n after applying suddenly side bar on ubuntu 11.04 got vanished and ther is no docky also…plz help me sort out this problem

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