Firefox version 7.0 final/stable has released! …and available for download (of course, for all commonly used operating systems such as Mac OS X, Windows 7or Linux based OS – Ubuntu, OpenSuse, Fedora etc, ). Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browser. it’s open source and available free of cost, for all.

What’s new in Firefox 7.0 ?

Due to frequent released cycle – sometimes it’s difficult to get surprise (Google Chrome also uses rapid release cycle) ..but the purpose is to provide the latest – cutting edge feature/experience while browsing web. some of the new features implemented in Firefox 7 includes –

  • improvements in Canvas elements
  • drastic improvements in memory handling in certain cases
  • websocket protocol has been updated (to version 8 )
  • instant bookmark sync
  • hidden HTTP:// in URL (just like Google Chrome)
  • new CSS 3 animation effects (e.g text overflow is supported now)
  • webGL related new features (e.g support of cross domain texture)
  • a lot of bug fixes related to security and stability


Download Firefox 7.0 for Linux/Windows/Mac

GNU/Linux (such as Ubuntu 11.04/10.10/10.04.. Debian, Linux Mint etc) users can download tar.bz2 file .

other users can download it from the official website.

Install Firefox 7 on Ubuntu 11.04/10.10/10.04

Fire up a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+t) and extract the file to any desired location (lets say ‘Downloads’) and install it by running the command –

tar -xf file_name.bz2
cd firefox
sudo ./firefox

That’s all … Have Fun! 🙂

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