OpenBSD version 5.0 released today. OpenBSD is a Unix like operating system (BSD – Berkeley Software Distribution). It is available as open source software (under BSD License), initially forked from NetBSD. OpenBSD is very popular for the additional security features (as compare to any other OS).

The new version has arrived with a lot of new features and changes (a number of bugs has been fixed and the supported common applications and tools has been updated) – including better hardware support.

OpenBSD 5 is available for a number of platforms such as intel i386, AMD64, MIPS, Alpha, PowerPC, SPARC 32/64, VAX and others.


What’s New in OpenBSD vs 5.0

  • Improved Hardware Support
  • Generic Network stack improvements
  • Routing daemon improvement
  • SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) improvements

More Detailed Info (about the new features from Official website)

Download OpenBSD 5

Download OpenBSD 5 from the its official website or order a CD or upgrade your existing version.

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