jQuery – the most popular Javascript Library has released its next version i.e 1.7. jQuery is a free and open source (released under GPL and MIT license) library for web developers who uses Javascript for client side scripting. It is a very fast, light weight, flexible and cross browser tool for developing cool and interactive web applications. The popularity of jQuery has increased exponentially in last few years.

What’s New in jQuery 1.7 ?

jQuery 1.7 has a lot of new things such as new API for event handling, improvements in performance and removal of some non standard features etc. Some bugs related to toggling animations has been fixed and now it works seamlessly among all browser (including IE).

jquery 1.7

So the most important changes/features are –

  • New Event APIs: .on() and .off()
  • Improved performance on Delegated events
  • Better support for HTML 5 in IE 6..8
  • Asynchronous Module Definition

Get jQuery 1.7

Download jQuery Development Code

Download jQuery Production Code (Minified Version)

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