If you’re using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, and of-course it’s very fast But you can still optimize the applications by reducing the time it takes to start.

Although, this post explains only about start-up time for applications not the boot time or the overall speed of your computer (although there’s some advice you can follow to enjoy better performance in Ubuntu 12.04, not now, checkout upcoming posts 🙂 ).

speed up ubuntu

Reducing Startup Time using Preload utility

What is preload ?

it’s a utility application that does some pre-processing tasks such as linking, loading and other dependencies issues (it’s not easy because of the centralized dependency management). So before you start your favorite application, it might have already done some pre-processing task and finally – it would appear faster to you.

Install Preload in Ubuntu

To install preload module, execute the command –

sudo apt-get install preload

That’s All, now it will start running in background and it will try to decrease the load time for most commonly used appl