Ubuntu is very simple and fun to use but absolute beginners or newbies (or Windows/Mac users) often feel difficulties, even in switching a single application; In case of operating system ? it is like – moving to an alien planet.

Thanks to Ubuntu Community for writing a getting started guide for beginners. It’s a free Ubuntu manual for everyone, and of course it’s very helpful for beginners who are totally strange to Ubuntu. It explains from basic concepts to setting up printers and also includes troubleshooting, with full of sccreenshots. Even if you’re not an absolute beginner, you can still find it useful sometimes.

The New version of manual has been released, so you can download it for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

Download Getting Started Manual for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Free PDF)

Now, Printed version of the getting started manual is also available at $7.75.

Buy Printed Version of the Ubuntu 12.04 manual

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