Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) is rocking! It has gaining tremendous popularity among the common desktop users (specially developers). If you’ve been using Ubuntu for a while, then might be aware about some critical changes in last few versions. Unity is the default desktop environment – Gnome Shell is another popular desktop (the default interface for Gnome 3).

So, in Ubuntu 12.04, some users – specially Gnome lovers prefer Gnome Shell while some prefer Unity. Both seems to great and matured enough to use for common purpose as well as for production environment or heavy development purpose (despite of some bugs in initial release).

So, what’s your favorite Desktop ? and Why ?

Share your views and experience!

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  1. I prefer Unity because of the HUD and the Global Menue. But i also like Gnome Shell AND to add another desktop i’d like to mention cinnamon 😉 which is also pretty nice

  2. I like Unity better than shell. The keyboard shortcuts fit my style perfectly, and HUD takes it to new levels.

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