Git is the most popular version control system, developed by Linus Torvalds (yeah!, he is the same guy – Creator of Linux) – for maintaining linux kernel code but now adopted by most of the developers.

Git is a distributed, fast, and efficient version control system (and of course – it’s a free and open source software), and most importantly –  it’s easy to learn. So if you’re new to version control system and need one for your next project then better start with git.

New to git ? Try Git in Your Browser (No Setup required)

Try Git is a simple web application that will explain some basics of git, in a very interactive way (just like try ruby). Since it’s browser based app so you don’t need to setup anything –  a modern web browser (such as Firefox, Chrome .. but not I.E) is enough. So in very short time – you can easily get an overview of git, it’s features and how it works (it simulates a git environment and allow you to execute git commands in browser).Try Git

It has been developed by Github (Social Coding – like a Facebook for Developers) and Envylabs (company behind codeschool and TryRuby).

Try Git – Learning git in 15 minutes

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