5 Tech Devices Which Can Be Controlled Through Your Brain

Is there anything a human brain cannot do? You cannot help marveling at the ability of the brain to control external forces. In the world of internet and high tech mobiles, the need to remember things seems to have lost importance. Browsing the internet for basic doubts has become the order of the day, as one does not want to take time to recall or put his brain to test.

Remembering telephone numbers are no more in existence. You have a mobile and you use it to call; it seems simple. Ever since mobile phones came into picture, man stopped memorizing phone numbers since it was considered no longer necessary. We find so many people fail to recall even their residence landline numbers. While technology stands proof of the brilliance of the brain behind it, we need to accept that it has done away with some of the routine practices of the brain. We could only say that we abuse our brains by not using enough of it. To prove what our brain can do, here is a list of tech devices created by men that our brain can control.

(1) Emotiv EPOC – It Is Mind Over Matter

Since we are in the world of computers, let us begin with the computer. While computers and laptops have made our work easier, Emotiv EPOC makes the work easier still. You can do away with your keyboard and mouse, as you no longer need them to work on your system. With Emotiv EPOC, you can use your brain to control your computer. The concept does not limit itself to be used in computer. It works on all electrical application. It could be of great help to people whose are confined to wheelchairs.

(2) BrainDriver – Not Brainless Driving Anymore

Though in its early stages, the project BrainDriver aims to make driverless car. At least, you are not going to use your hands any more. Your brain is going to control your car’s movements and hence, from now on, one may say ‘brain behind the wheels’.

(3) No Stretching For Switches – Saving Energy?

Another interesting innovation is controlling the lights with the thought of your mind. Now, one does not have to get up to turn on or turn off the lights. You only need to spare a moment with your thought and no physical movement involved.

(4) Prosthetic Limbs – Artificial Limbs Are More Real

A stunning breakthrough in artificial limbs. With prosthetic limbs, people are just of feeling the sensation in their limbs. For those with disabilities, prosthetic limbs are a great boon. The arm enables the person to control it through his thoughts stimulated by his brain.

(5) Controlling iPhone – Touch And Voice Seem Too Much Of An Effort

Yet another interesting creation in the tech world is the operation of iPhone using your brain. Now you no longer have to touch or speak to let the phone identify your needs. All you need to do is to apply your thoughts directly on your iPhone and let it work.

We have entered a new age with such advancements in technology. Behind all the technical advancement, the statement that is made loud and clear is that human brains can do anything and its powers are limitless. Every new invention goes to prove the ability of the brain that worked towards achieving it. Hence, it is hats off to the brilliant human brain.

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Atish likes to write about interesting advancements in the tech world. He is amazed by the potential of the “Internet” and believes that discovery of internet was the first true step towards technological advancement. He always utilizes the services obtained from internet to the fullest. Even when it comes to shopping; he prefers it online. Whether it is for buying shoes at a discount from Myntra, or shirts from Jabong, he does it all online. Apart from that, he believes that science and technology should never be under-estimated.

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