MariaDB is an Enhanced and Binary Drop In replacement (equivalent) for MySQL. It’s a completely free and open source software, available under GPL/LGPL/BSD. Most importantly, moving from MySQL to MariaDB is seamlessly easy (you rarely need to change anything, just uninstall MySQL and install MariaDB, Voila! you’re ready to go, read on more about the compatibility).

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Why Choose MariaDB over MySQL ?

  • Additional Storage Engines (Aria, XtraDB, Cassandra etc)
  • Speed Improvements (faster joins and subqueries, optimizer enhancements etc)
  • New features and extensions (e.g virtual columns, dynamic columns, pluggable authentication etc)
  • Improved Testing suite
  • Truly open source (as compared to some closed modules in MySQL Enterprise edition)

To know more about the MariaDB, visit the official website :

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