puzzle game in ubuntu 10.04gbrainy : A logic game to train your brain with fun

There are many logic games available in ubuntu.To install just go to software center/games/Puzzles and install it in single click.Today I am going to introduce with an excellent logic game that have many-many features and in my point of view it is the best one.The another exciting point is that in ubuntu 10.04 it will be installed on your system by default.Although some other default games are removed fr0m the default package but you can find those games in software center or synaptic manager.

Important features of gbrainy :

  • Logic puzzles : test your reasoning skills.
  • Mental calculation : simple arithmetic operations to test your mental calculation abilities.
  • Memory trainers : Improve! your short term memory power.
  • verbal analogies : Examine your verbal aptitude.

One important point is that gbrainy will give you the final result with detail analysis.

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