install wine on ubuntu 10.10

Wine(Wine Is Not an Emulator(recursive acronym)) is a free software, developed for executing Microsoft Windows applications on Linux based operating systems like Ubuntu 10.10,Fedora,etc.Wine is a compatibility layer which provides substitute for windows Dynamic Link Libraries(DLL) calls and process.So if you are missing some favorite windows applications after migrating to Ubuntu 10.10(Maverick Meerkat) then Wine will cheer you up(may not in every situation);although it is different point that most of the windows softwares have good alternative in foss(free and open source softwares),so in general I wouldn’t recommend you to use wine because of stability and security reasons but if the equivalent program in the Ubuntu is not available then it’s ok to use it.

how to install wine on Ubuntu 10.10

You can install wine either from command line(or Terminal) or package manager(installed by default on each ubuntu version).After installing wine,you can install the selected windows applications with the help of’s simple just follow the steps written below.

step #1 : Go to System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager ,enter your ubuntu login password if required.

step #2 : Search for ‘wine’ in upper quick search box and mark(the box that appears at left side in the result) the software for installation.Then click on ok/yes if it asks for dependencies.(Look at the snapshot that I have given below)

step #3 : Now,click on Apply button to installed the selected packages and …..wait until the installation is complete.

step #4 : That’s all…Have Fun!! Let me know(through comments) if any thing goes wrong.

Installing Wine on Ubuntu 10.10

OR You can also use the command to install terminal(CTRL+ALT+T) and type(Followed by your ubuntu 10.10 login password)

sudo apt-get install wine

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  1. I tried to install wine on my ubuntu 10.10, through command prompt but after downloading the wine files and extracting I got a microsoft page on the terminal. Nothing after that I can do. Please help.

  2. does installing wine help me in installing internet data card software? canwe run .exe programs in ubuntu?

  3. which version must i download to run ms~office 2007 and any program for windows on ubuntu 11.4

    help plz

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