best browser for ubuntu 10.10

Ubuntu 10.10(Maverick Meerkat) has Mozilla Firefox installed on it as Default web browser.Firefox is the most popular browser on this planet but it has been loosing its share from the past few months(It may restore the market share after the release of Firefox 4.0) may be due to some reasons like major security bugs,instability,speed etc.

Google Chrome : The Best Web Browser for Ubuntu 10.10

On the other hand Google Chrome has gain enormous popularity in the past few years specially in the end of year 2010,due to the availability of large number of extensions/apps.Google has launched Web Store to so that users can find or use web applications/extensions very easily with few clicks.

best browser for ubuntu

Why Google Chrome is Better than other web browser ?

>> it’s simple to use and configure,with excellent GUI and functionalities that we expect from a modern web browser.

>> Google Chrome is an open source(built on the top of Chromium) web browser,developed and maintained by Google,cross platform(available for all major operating systems e.g Linux based os(Ubuntu 10.10/10.04,Fedora 14/13,Linux Mint),windows,Mac..) and free!

>> it’s faster than other web browsers(in most of the cases) e.g Firefox,Internet Explorer,Opera.(safari is not available for Ubuntu).Chrome uses DNS(Domain Name System) pre-resolution techniques(some links to other domains are resolved(to the corresponding IP Address) prior so that when the user clicks on that link,then it can directly download content from the server) to make the surfing seamless.

>> Chrome has lot of free(and paid) extensions,apps to extend the functionalities.Web Store contains all the apps and extensions see here.. .

>> Google Chrome is frequently updated and maintained,with a lot of improvements.

so if you are already using Google Chrome then feel free to share your opinion through comments else install Google Chrome now,Follow the link for some help in installing Google Chrome on Ubuntu 10.10 .

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  1. From personal experience, Chrome is a big improvement on an Ubuntu 10.10 system vs. the pre-installed/default version of Firefox. I downloaded Chrome last week ( because I was so disappointed with Firefox and got an immediate, across-the-board improvement. Also, downloaded XMarks for Chrome as well…a very handy add-on.

    1. Thanks for sharing your personal experience …If you install any add ons on the firefox, then it will become too slow to irritate …Now I’ve completely switched to Google Chrome. I use default sync tool in Google Chrome for synchronizing bookmarks,themes,add ons etc.

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