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Google Wave - End of this project

Google Wave Project : Dropped

Google Wave - End of this project

On Wednesday,Aug 4,2010 Google declared(On the Official Blog of Google) to Drop – the Wave Project,A new web application for real time communication(character-by-character live typing, and the ability to drag-and-drop files from the desktop..) started on May 27,2009.

It was designed to replace the current e-mail,instant messaging and social networking technique by using the next generation of protocol – Wave Protocol.Although Wave protocol is based on XMPP and aimed to replace the current email and messaging protocol.Google wave is written in Java using OpenJDk and for web interface Google Web Toolkit is used.

google wave-dropped

The Google Wave product offered by Google may have met its end,but the protocol(wave) and platform will live on as open-source code.
Eric Schmidt, Google’s chief executive, told a conference in California on August 4,2010 that the user interface is liked by many companies and some features, which would be incorporated into some upcoming Google technologies that is still under development.
The Google Wave’s Website will be maintained up to the end of this year and the concept/technology will be implemented in some other upcoming products..

Linux Kernel vs 3.0 RC1

Download Linux Kernel Version RC1 Now!

Download linux kernel version 2.6.34rc1

Linux Kernel v2.6.34.2 rc1 is release just..on Jul 30 ,2010.The updates in this new/latest version of linux kernel is summarized below with the details(For more details follow the link given for the official website of Linux).
Total Number of Files Added : 1
Total Number of Files Changed : 224
Total Number of Files Removed : 0

No. of Lines added : 2594
No. of Lines changed : 2246
No. of Lines removed : 1337

Download Patch

More Info about this kernel release

wordpress 3.0.1 - available for download

WordPress 3.0.1 is available for Download!

Introduction To WORDPRESS

WordPress is very widely used as an open source content management system(cms) or as a blogging platform.The number of websites based on wordpress has increased exponentially over the web,in the past few years.The wordpress always focuses on simplicity without compromising with the features,any non technical user can maintain a wordpress blog without worrying about the coding(PHP,(X)HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT,MySQL…) and other technical stuffs.Since it is open source(Released under GNU Public License) and available FREE so you have the full control over the website/blog.

wordpress 3.0.1 - available for download

New Version of WordPress – wordpress 3.01 Released!!

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Wordpress Version 3.0.1 is just released and you can download it from it’s official website(see below for Link).This is the first increment in the wordpress version 3.0 and fixes some bugs of the wordpress version 3.0.Now You can upgrade from version 3.0 to 3.1 in few steps.Automatic Installation is also available(But I am not sure whether it’s working well or not,I tried a lot but it failed every time) but you are recommended to install it manually until the bug is not fixed..

download wordpress 3.0.1

skype - ubuntu 10.04

skype for ubuntu 10.04

skype - ubuntu 10.04

On Ubuntu 10.04(Lucid Lynx LTS),Empathy IM Client is installed by default but if you are wondering whether the cross-platform voip application, Skype(a free voip software for making Internet call using voice over Internet protocol,audio call,video call and conference,instant messaging..) is available for Ubuntu 10.04 or not,then relax…It’s now available for Ubuntu or other Linux Distro.Skype 2.1 Beta 2 has just released for Ubuntu 10.04.Skype supports many flavors of Linux;In case of Ubuntu,it’s available for 32-bit ubuntu 10.04 as well as for 64-bit Ubuntu 10.04 LTS(Actually it supports only few latest version of ubuntu,after 8.10).

Download Skype for Ubuntu 10.04

Install Skype on Ubuntu 10.04

Conclusion : Skype is a free-ware application not an open source!,if you want open source alternative to skype then install google talk or Empathy Client.

ubuntu 10.10 release shedule

Ubuntu 10.10(Maveric Meerkat) release date

ubuntu 10.10 release shedule

Ubuntu 10.10 code named as Maveric Meerkat is the upcoming version of Ubuntu(A GNU/Linux Based open source and free Operating System).Ubuntu 10.10 Alpha 1 was released in June’s first week.The Ubuntu 10.04 Alpha was almost similar to the ubuntu 10.04 but the major changes will be noticed in it’s final release.Few more alpha(1,2 and 3) versions will be released in July and August 2010.Beta,RC(Release Candidate) and Stable or Final Version is scheduled on the following date(In UTC Time)-

Ubuntu 10.10-Beta : September 2nd 2010
Ubuntu 10.10-RC : September 30th 2010
Ubuntu 10.10-Final Release : October 10th 2010